What We Do

We generate serious results

A data-driven customer strategy must improve every single customer touchpoint.

We introduce you to the humans behind your customers

Enabling better decisions for customers, and the bottom line.

We support your business to make better decisions

More predictive analytics, more effective marketing, more loyal customers.

We provide a (genuine) Single Customer View

Connecting every dataset around every customer.

We re-solve data privacy

Securely access all data held about a customer at a moment’s notice.

What We Deliver

A Single Customer View

With every disparate data point collected by our platform and connected around each individual person.

“Our partnership with IntentHQ has helped us know our customers on a completely different level, as people. This is transformational. For us, data is at the heart of every decision we make.”
Nina Bibby, CMO, Telefonica UK

Humanised profiles

Enriched with accurate and holistic interests for each customer.

“Intent HQ helps us truly understand the interests and demands of our customers. It creates a win-win scenario for all.”
Nicola Novellone, Web, Digital & Social Director, Sky Italia

A question-based interface

That empowers every user to make customer-centric decisions. No matter what the business goal.

“Intent HQ’s ability to describe individuals at scale is second-to-none, and their intuitive Insights Dashboard allows us to create new custom segments with ease.”
Gordon White, Group Data Director, Time Out

A solution to GDPR

With the entirety of a customer’s data held securely in one place.

“Intent HQ’s Intelligence Factory is the engine behind our highly successful customer personalisation programme.”
Jonathan Woolf, Programme Director, Telefonica UK