Marketing to minds, not metrics

Your customers are trying to tell you what they are interested in by liking, reading, commenting, reviewing, watching, buying and sharing online.

Rich Profiles

Intent HQ interprets these customer actions to predict what matters to each person. The more accurately you understand your customers' interests, the better you can serve them across any marketing channel.

We use machine learning across multiple sources of first party data, such as social, behavioural and your own, to find the signals and patterns in your customer data to form rich, weighted and ranked customer profiles.

Unsurprising to Intent HQ, a study of Facebook’s likes proved it is possible to predict a person's interests and passions better than their friends and family (and only marginally less than their spouse).

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Natural Customer Segmentation

Natural customer segmentation is a revolutionary data-driven approach that clusters your customers into segments without human influence. It reveals the true affinity and intent of your customers, rather than the businesses’ perception of them.

It’s dynamic - if the customer data changes, so do the segments, enabling you to reach the right customers every time. That way you won't have to rely on a customer segmentation model that was built two years ago.

What’s more - it’s flexibility enables the creation of different customer segmentation models for individual departments and teams, as well as the broader company wide needs.

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Deep Insights

Analytics are everywhere. Insight is harder to find.

Intent HQ's Insights Dashboard was specifically designed from the ground up to help our clients discover the patterns in their customer data and take action on them.

We deliver highly accurate customer insight data, showing you your customers' interests and affinities before layering in demographics and your own metrics. The results are often unexpected - look for the Discovery Channel drama “Klondike” in our Insights Dashboard and you’ll see that the show's real audience are fast-food consumers who second-screen Amazon and Best Buy, not the sporty red-neck audience advertisers imagined.

Every campaign you run, every question you ask is only as good as the insight that drives it.

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Incredible Performance

Smart customer data and prediction will drive performance across your business - finding customers, keeping customers and optimising your customer-focused marketing communication.

For publishers, our deep audience insights and segmentation platform lets you discover new segments, activate them in minutes and increase revenue by matching your audience interests to advertiser segments in real-time.

Whether you're a brand, retailer or publisher, working with Intent HQ is an opportunity to raise the bottom line to another level.

We helped Sky boost results by 950%. Find out how.

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