Big brands have billions of interactions with customers.

Every customer interaction is a signal that could help your business grow. But these signals are often lost or fragmented across different systems. In their raw form, they provide little value.

Our technology can make sense of it all.

Customer A.I. unifies your customer data and learns from it, turning billions of data points into the answers to your questions. Connect it to your existing analytics, marketing, and data science initiatives and you will often see dramatic results.

Insight A.I. — for everyone in your organisation

Get customer insight at the speed of thought. Insight A.I. enables your entire organisation to gain customer insight using a simple yet powerful web-based dashboard.

The insights are often unexpected — look for the Discovery Channel drama “Klondike” in the dashboard, and you’ll see that the show's real audience are fast-food consumers who second-screen Amazon and Best Buy, not the sporty red-neck audience advertisers imagined.

Action A.I. — for your marketing team

Connect customer insight to your campaigns. Action A.I. provides seamless integrations with your favourite marketing, advertising, and CRM platforms to multiply the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The best part is, Action A.I. complements your existing tools and software, so you don’t have to change the way you work.

Data A.I. — for your data science team

Future-proof your customer insight. Data A.I. provides a complete history of each customer over time, stored in an immutable and lossless way that works not only with today’s data science techniques, but also those of the future.

Our RESTful API means you can build customer-aware applications and perform advanced data science to suit your organisation’s unique needs.