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Webinar: The “New Normal" - Data, Privacy and Consumer Behavior

The accelerated digitization spurned by the pandemic immediately impacts how we reach consumers and clients at scale.

Join our conversation, led by noted IESE Professor of Marketing Jose Luis Nueno who will be joined by Sharifah Amirah, President, Intent HQ Americas, and Matthew Mobley, Chief Technology Officer for Merkle, as they explore topics including:

> How has the COVID-19 crisis changed consumer behavior

> What new demands on customer experience are driving change…and which demands are here to stay?

> How can we collectively meet these demands in a tech smart AND privacy safe way?

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New Normal Webinar | 3rd June 2021

The CX Ultimatum for Telco and CSPs

Why Telcos and CSPs’ focus should be on CX to get their wallet share back. An eBook for a new breed of Telcos who are ready to shake up the established landscape with data and analytics. A new breed that’s ready to innovate their way out of the pack with a new, highly differentiated model of services and customer experiences.

customer insights for your  marketing and cx teams

Everyone wins when Privacy comes First

The first step to better customer relationships is letting go. Marketers need to put control back into the hands of consumers with a whole new approach to customer data. One that doesn’t pit personalization and privacy against each other, but instead combines them into one offering that delivers better results for everybody. Download this eBook to find out more about a new approach that can give customers the experiences they deserve whilst protecting their privacy.

Exceed expectations with  privacy-safe personalization