Get a human-like understanding of your customers

Businesses collect billions of customer data points — including purchases, locations, page views, and phone calls. Most of this data isn’t very useful on its own. That’s why Intent HQ uses it to build profiles that help you understand your customers as unique individuals, including their interests, personality types, and emotional drivers.

Insights & Analytics

Get customer insight at the speed of thought.

Customer data is most valuable when it’s linked together and easily accessible. The Insights Dashboard democratises customer knowledge, enabling anyone in your organisation to ask questions of your entire customer data set, and get real-time answers from a web browser.

You can ask questions like, “What are my female customers who live in New York interested in?” or “How do my lowest and highest value customers compare in terms of age?”

Segmentation & Targeting

Tailor your messaging to customer interests.

People respond best to content that matches their interests. Intent HQ enables you to discover your customers’ interests, so you can reach them with tailored content, resulting in more engagement, more spend, and more loyalty.

Connect Intent HQ to your existing email, advertising, messaging, and content management platforms, so you’ll never have to change the way you work.

Individualised Experiences

Create memorable one-to-one interactions.

Treat your customers like individuals, and they will reward you. Intent HQ’s customer profiles can be made available to your frontline staff, enabling them to deliver truly individualised experiences that sell.

Our profiles can be integrated with any customer touchpoint, including contact centres and retail stores.