Raw customer data in. Rich customer insights out.

Big brands have billions of interactions with their customers – every interaction is a signal that could help your business grow. We are here to make sense of it all. Intent unifies, transforms and enriches your customer data, turning billions of data points into actionable customer insight ready to cascade across your business.

Insights & Analytics

Make better decisions by knowing your customers’ interests.

Knowing your customers’ interests can have a profound effect on decision-making, from business strategy and product development to marketing, sales and service.

The Insights Dashboard is a powerful customer analytics tool that works in any web browser. It makes it easy for anyone in your organisation to get customer insight at the speed of thought, unifying interests, purchase behaviour, demographics, loyalty status, and more.

Segmentation & Targeting

Reach unique customer groups with tailored content.

People respond best to content that interests them. Intent enables you to discover and reach unique customer groups with tailored content, resulting in more engagement, higher order value, and greater brand loyalty.

Intent integrates with your existing email, advertising, messaging, and content management platforms, meaning you’ll never have to change the way you work.

Individualised Experiences

Make every customer touchpoint personal.

People reward brands that treat them like individuals. Intent provides rich customer profiles to your sales and service staff, so they can deliver a truly individualised experience. Our technology also works across every customer touchpoint, from call centres, to in-store experiences, to websites and mobile apps..