Beat Marketer’s FOMO! [infographic]

…That’s ‘Fear of Missing Out’ in case you weren’t sure. Marketer’s often suffer from this well-known case of FOMO, targeting large prospect groups in the hope a one-size-fits-all message will resonate with a key few. But today’s modern consumer expects

18 May, 2015Intent HQ

The 12 Customer Insights of Christmas [infographic]

Struggling with Christmas shopping? It’s all about insight… We all have those friends or family members that are impossible to buy Christmas presents for. How do you go about it? Do they type up a gift list? Do they say

18 Dec, 2014Intent HQ

Honesty is Always the Best Policy [Infographic]

Consumers respect honesty. It’s common sense but until recently many brands, publishers and advertisers have resorted to behind-the-scenes means to gather social data via cookies. They’ve been reluctant to be upfront and ask for social details via logins – probably

14 Aug, 2014Jonathan Lakin

Recommendations On Content and Products [infographic]

This week Intent HQ take a deep dive into a study conducted among 2000 UK adults, looking into Personalization and Privacy of Social Media. The infographic below reveals the insights into how different age groups feel about being served recommendations

5 Jul, 2013Intent HQ