The future of marketing is interest-based

Digital marketing is increasingly crowded If attention is the new currency, there simply isn’t enough of it to go around. Click-through rates are in the gutter, adblock use is growing, free reach on social isn’t free anymore, and organic search

13 Apr, 2016Intent HQ

Telcos – Take the Fast Track to Enriched Customer Insight

These days, the main discernible difference between two telco brands is often the way they treat their customers. We talk about enhancing the ‘customer experience’ and improving the ‘customer journey’ – but creating a real stand-out amongst competitors depends on

21 Dec, 2015Intent HQ

Facebook video advertising: Should you bother?

Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out a video advertising option to the hoards of businesses and agencies already running Facebook advertising via their Adverts Manager tool. Any sceptics (or indeed any sensible people) among you will know that the new

2 Nov, 2015Ben Marnan

Success in the unexpected – the power of data

When creating groups of people to target – in advertising, or for promotions for example – we often like to think we know best. Even with a wealth of data at our disposal, it’s tempting and natural to look for

17 Jun, 2015Ben Marnan

Beat Marketer’s FOMO! [infographic]

…That’s ‘Fear of Missing Out’ in case you weren’t sure. Marketer’s often suffer from this well-known case of FOMO, targeting large prospect groups in the hope a one-size-fits-all message will resonate with a key few. But today’s modern consumer expects

18 May, 2015Intent HQ

Facebook Advertising Tips: Finding The Right Audience

If you’re a consumer brand or publisher with a marketing budget, the option of Facebook advertising is unlikely to have passed you by. Assuming you’ve got a Facebook page or pages, targeting the network’s users where they are likely to

13 May, 2015Ben Marnan

Using affinity data to prepare for the festival season

The festival season is fast approaching! Here at Intent HQ we can’t wait to don our wellies and head to party in a field for the weekend! But, with so many festivals on offer which one do you pick? Each

27 Apr, 2015Intent HQ

Easter Insights – How to Pick a Good Egg

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, bringing with it a delicious feast of chocolate egg-shaped treats! On average a British household spends £75* stocking up their baskets with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, hot cross buns and those heavenly little

31 Mar, 2015Intent HQ

5 ways to make your customer data work harder

Let’s say that your business is customer-focused, and that you have collected at least some data about your customers and how they interact with you. Excellent stuff. Now ask yourself a couple of questions: Do you use that data currently? Would

24 Mar, 2015Ben Marnan