Product Release: We now accept data from public sources

We can now ingest data from public sources to further enrich your customer dataset We recently announced the launch of our Collector Interface, which allows us to ingest private customer data from any source. We’re now excited to announce that

28 Sep, 2015Intent HQ

Product Release: Our Technology Is Now Multilingual

We can now understand and analyse multiple languages within your customer dataset, with the ability to easily add more in future. Our Customer AI platform combines data science and machine learning to understand the relationships between every topic in the

20 Aug, 2015Intent HQ

Product Release: Improved Topic Extraction & Matching

We can now read and understand even more topics from even more places. In our previous product update we announced that we could now accept customer data from any source with the capability of our Collector Interface. The second phase

24 Jul, 2015Intent HQ

Product Release: The Launch of our Collector Interface

We’ve improved the way we ingest data with the launch of our new Collector Interface. The Collector Interface is core to our ability to accept data from anywhere, making it even easier to feed multiple data sources into our Customer

12 Jun, 2015Intent HQ

Product Release: Enrich your customer profiles with Twitter topics and interests

Intent HQ has long been extracting users’ interests from their Facebook likes. A Facebook page is about something quite specific, with a descriptive name, and some contextual info, that allows us to match them to entries in our Topic Graph. By

2 Mar, 2015Intent HQ

Natural Segmentation – Letting Data Speak for Itself

Is it time to rethink traditional methods of segmenting customers? In our experience, many marketers are frustrated by current targeting methods which are often too blunt to achieve significant results. Typically decisions are based on demographic information – or perhaps

23 Jan, 2015Intent HQ

Normalisation & The Nutella Challenge

During work for an awesome customer, we came across the incredible popularity of Nutella within their customer base. We discovered this as part of a deep analysis of the aggregate structure of their audience that included finding naturally occurring segments

10 Dec, 2014Intent HQ

Customer Insights: Removing the headache

For digital marketers today, understanding their customers deeply is a significant challenge. In the spirit both of competitive advantage and having a more considerate approach to marketing (where customers are treated as individuals) there are already companies leveraging the latest technologies to

22 Sep, 2014Ben Marnan

Topic Graph works

One of Intent HQ’s key technological innovations is the Topic Graph. This data structure encodes millions of concepts and links them based on ontological, categorical, semantic and affinity based relationships. This four pronged approach ensures that we understand that when

21 Jul, 2014Intent HQ