The Collector Interface

Effortlessly connect customer data from any source

To provide the richest level of insight, we collect and understand as much customer data as we can. The Collector Interface enables us to ingest data from any source, in any format, at scale.

This includes not only first-party customer data, like purchases, website visits, call logs, and app usage, but also third party data like social profiles. We can ingest customer data on a one-off basis, or via a regularly scheduled process like an API call or file transfer.

All of this data is automatically cleaned and stored in our Immutable Data Store, or IDS.

The Immutable Data Store (IDS)

Keep a complete history of each customer over time

The IDS is designed to represent any possible user interaction in its rawest form. It has two key properties: it is immutable and lossless.

Once data is written to the IDS, it can’t be changed. Even when a customer record is updated, for example with a new address, the IDS doesn’t “forget” the previous address. This means there’s virtually no potential for data loss. It even protects against human error like accidental deletions.

By storing data in the rawest possible form, derived data created by our Intent Graph (like customer interests and affinities) can be recomputed as algorithms and data science techniques improve with time.

Having your customer data in a single, unified form also means it can be queried at sub-second speeds for rapid analysis, either via API or through a user interface like the Insights Dashboard.