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  • Multiple applications of the truth, always from a single trusted source, because all structured and unstructured data across all systems is organized by each individual customer
  • Superior insights using AI-driven enrichment and prediction never seen before, because for the first time, your models incorporate Network Data
  • Real-time intelligence to “Know, Infer and Predict” customer attributes and behaviors from patterns in your data and easily take action on them
  • Hyper-personalized experiences across all customer touch points. Its suite of applications and APIs are designed to orchestrate data across your business application ecosystem
  • An easy-to-use dynamic user interface with powerful analytic tools to answer questions and surface audiences for commercial and technical users
  • Privacy-first principles throughout, to enable compliance with all data privacy regulations, protecting your customers, their data and your business reputation.

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Say you’re John. You’ve got a lot going on right now: a new baby, a busy job and an impending house move thrown in for good measure. You haven’t really given your telco a second thought since you signed your contract two years ago.

In the stolen moments between changing diapers, speaking to solicitors and booking removal vans, you’re eyeing up an upgrade to a new flagship handset—maybe once things have settled down.

But then, the week before your moving date, you get a message from your telco: free mobile data for the next three weeks while you get your fixed-line connection transferred, plus a discounted TV bundle for upgrading to quad-play in your new home (and personalized based on your viewing habits).

You’re delighted: that’s one less thing to worry about (and one more thing to look forward to).

How it works


This is the bit no-one else does, the bit we have spent years perfecting. Yes, Network data is massive, complex and sensitive as hell. It’s like no other data you own. And we’ve got you covered.


Network Data is a continuous stream of second-by-second customer behaviors and interactions. And that’s exactly the challenge. It’s impenetrable in its raw form—millions of disconnected data points and thumb swipes that offer no immediate qualitative value. (there’s not much quantifiable “intent” behind a URL in isolation). That’s why the real value of Network Data isn’t in the data points themselves, but in the relationships between them (and your traditional customer data from your CRM and other operational systems).


And in order to find, classify and ascribe meaning to those relationships, you need massive, predictive, on-demand analytics.


You need to continuously process the most sensitive data imaginable in a privacy-safe way, and analyze it to surface in-the-moment opportunities and use-cases that create outstanding experiences for your customers.


Why Network Data?

With Network Data you get a multiverse of new contextual information. Activating Network Data means you get to:

  1. See what customers are interested in based on their domain-level browsing habit
  2. Understand their habits and priorities based on the apps they use
  3. Know what they want, based on past engagement
  4. Predict what they’ll do next based on inference and interaction history
  5. Anticipate how they’d like to be contacted based on response history
  6. Serve what they need right now, based on their behaviour

How it works

The opportunity for telcos is clear: unlock the enormous value lying dormant within Network Data to start providing outstanding customer experiences.


The trouble is that Network Data is inherently sensitive. A big part of its value is that it’s intimate information—a real-time window into your customer’s interior lives.


That’s why—as the privacy landscape publicly evolves—governance and consent are foundational to this whole story.


How do we do it?

  1. We never ingest or store your Network Data—that stays safely behind your firewall. Instead, we use an approach called embedded data privacy. This is our way of protecting the privacy of sensitive data by converting them into simplified and de-personalized strings of numbers. The actions can only be interpreted by the Intent HQ Customer Intelligence Platform
  2. We do not process raw Network Data – we process the strings of numbers to find meaning (by building models with AI and machine learning tools) at a massive scale without a huge cost
  3. We store every profile in a micro database architecture, as a single, anonymized and encrypted entity, and process them individually, which is far more efficient than traditional batch processing
  4. Sensitive data never makes it into customer profiles – they only contain pseudonymized CRM data, product and service history, transaction history and embeddings. So we can surface hyper-personalized insights and operationalize timely, relevant interactions