Collect & Organise

Every customer action forms another pattern for us to analyse.

We ingest any and all data streams without the need for a warehouse or data lake, then organise it to enable better decision-making. After validating it, we categorise it into actions (something you do), attributes (something you are) or entities (something you use), generating your entire relationship history with each individual customer.

Analyse & Enrich

This is the bit no-one else does, the bit we've spent years perfecting.

We transform data into human-like profiles that accurately represent each person in the context of what matters to them. Proprietary data science — bespoke algorithms plus our Intent Graph that maps the relationships between hundreds of millions of concepts — enrich the data to create a unique ‘data brain’ at the intersection of customer behaviour, financial performance and human motivation.

Question & Decide

The purpose of analytics is to make sense of what’s happening.

Which, in turn, allows you to make better decisions for customers and for the business. Our tools empower each user to access and explore customer behaviour according to their own business questions; whether that’s identifying which brands are capturing the attention of Netflix-obsessed new parents, or finding the Life Time value of a subsegment of users.

Anticipate & Interact

Anticipate what customers need before they even know it themselves.

From call centres to digital advertising; in-store experience to pricing — wherever a customer interacts with your brand there is an opportunity to create a human-like connection. What’s more, we can now observe sequences of actions and reactions, enabling intelligent journey optimisation. And we’ll support you every step of the journey, embedding customer intelligence where it creates most impact.