The Insights Dashboard

Gain customer insight at the speed of thought

Combine different types and sources of data

Customer data is generated by many teams across your business, including sales, marketing, customer service, and operations. The Insights Dashboard presents a unified view of customer knowledge gained from these diverse sources.

With this single tool, you can ask questions like, “What is the age distribution of our highest spending customers?” or “Do people who call customer service often also use the product often?”

Get real-time answers to complex questions

The scale of customer data can be overwhelming. It’s common to generate tens or even hundreds of billions of data points in a single year. Analysis of such a large data set is often expensive and slow.

Fortunately, the Insights Dashboard was designed specifically to operate on very large amounts of customer data. It responds to complex queries in real-time.

That means when you want to know something about your customers, you can find the answer almost instantly.

Understand your customers as people

The Insights Dashboard doesn’t just aggregate your existing data; it also learns new things about your customers.

Thanks to the enriched customer attributes provided by the Intent Graph, you can use the Insights Dashboard to learn about your customers’ interests, personalities, and behavioral patterns.