Join us at the TM Forum Live! event this May, 2016

TMForum Live! Intent HQ




Join Intent HQ at this year’s TM Forum Live! event in Nice, France. 9-12th May.

How do you thrive as a business in the digital world? TM Forum Live! addresses the key challenges being faced in today’s connected world and we will be in and around the Customer Centricity stream networking, educating and discussing best practices and solutions for engaging your customers in a competitive and multi-channel connected world. What does best in class customer experience look like? What are the customer metrics that matter most in a digital world? How do you create a truly omnichannel experience? What are the best practices to personalise the experience throughout the customer lifecycle?

Intent HQ are proud to be joining a BLITZ PANEL alongside our client, O2, on Tuesday, 10th May at 4pm – Customer Centricity Live! “Creating a first-class customer journey in a complex value fabric”.

The format will be 15 minute presentations from each panelist, followed by a chaired audience-involved panel discussion:

  • Demonstrating ROI to get the buy-in you need to succeed
  • Enabling a data-supported understanding:- what’s going on with customers, what needs fixing and where
  • Identifying the customers’ goals, activities, barriers and emotions to provide a smoother more fulfilling journey
  • Synchronising multiple departments, systems, people and channels with the customer’s point of view in mind, to enable effective, efficient customer journeys

Buy your tickets here or say if you’d like to book a meeting with us. We look forward to seeing some of you there!