Telefonica UK (O2) recognised the need to differentiate their customer strategy in the face of an intensely competitive market. The challenge set to Intent HQ was to unearth the value hidden in an abundant customer dataset, transforming it into tangible and significant business performance.

Which is exactly what we did, following our four-step approach to customer intelligence. Here’s just a few of the results:

  • 1.1 billion connections (including strength and relevance scores) identified between individual customers and their interests.
  • 10x return on investment into Intent HQ.
  • Moved from #4 to #2 in mobile broadband market.
  • 9-point increase in Customer Satisfaction Index.
  • 7-week proof of value, from first sight of O2’s customer data

“Our partnership with IntentHQ has helped us know our customers on a completely different level, as people. This is transformational, allowing us to create the relationship of equals we strive to have with customers and strengthening our market position. For us, data is at the heart of every decision we make.”
Nina Bibby, CMO, Telefonica UK

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