White Paper: The Future of Segmentation

Are we really achieving enough when it comes to customer segmentation?

According to Forrester: “49% of professionals surveyed indicated that their segmentation models were more than two years old” – which suggests we can do much, much better.

The new and ambitious digital world is creating a mass of consumer data that potentially holds the key to understanding your customers, but turning this insight into action poses many challenges.

This white paper will explore the following:

  • The limitation of existing segmentation models
  • How to move segmentation into the digital era
  • How natural segmentation helps you make sense of data in new and powerful ways
  • How to successfully transition to a fully personalised world through a deeper understanding of consumer’s interests, intent and affinities
  • How to create a need-focused model that remains current and up to date

To receive a copy of the white paper, please email us at hello@intenthq.com